i-less Scada Monitoring System

The most powerful Scada that ever you seen.

The hardware structure, in big installations, is based on a set of industrial PCs distributed, that get the data, and other that shows the user interface but also can works with one PC in small ones. The system meets all the requirements of functionality and reliability required of such systems.

The communication protocols are numerous, all without resorting to third party software and totally integrated on the same platform.

The system shows the variables and alarms in realtime of all devices in the plant. It supports up to 80,000 variables perfectly. Is the number of variables of the biggest plant where we have installed our system, but is totaly scalable adding more PCs to the system.

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Up to 80.000 tags

The Scada can manage a lot of variables.


Big integration with thousands of devices and other datasystems.


More than 15 years experience in control and monitoring systems.

Connect to the World

We connect our database to the world through webservices.