ColorEsmalt SL adopts the i-less platform

ColorEsmalt SL adopts the i-less platform. The business of  SAMCA group, is dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic frits and dyes.

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Confidence in the i-less platform has led ColorEsmalt to adopt i-monitoring system as melting furnaces and drying dyes and auxiliary cooling systems that support the mergers.
The system, under one PC, supports monitoring of 6 melting furnaces with plant composition / formulation where mixtures of feed materials are prepared to melt.
The system integrates the same software under several trademarks of PLCs (Siemens, Moeller Kloner) and PAC-based control with real-time operating systems (Compact Field Point National Instruments), the latter also developed by us.
The functionality provided by the system allows ColorEsmalt track the energy efficiency of the process by MES module and can know the specific consumption (Nm3 of gas per kg of manufactured product) furnaces, both batch as by product.