Siliken SA has adopted the i-less platform as monitoring system

The Spanish company Siliken SA has adopted the i-less platform as monitoring system of all installations on ground and roof.

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The company has facilities in Spain and in Italy where the SCADA module is used for the operation of the facilities. All installed systems have incorporated the MES module which calculates in real time the most important indicators, PR and Kd.
In addition to, the system has a warning system through emails before any alarm or any issue defined as critical alert.
All facilities are centralized by WEB module in a single control center where it is integrated into its corporate website, in addition to monitoring the status of all devices on the premises, to offer its customers real-time access to parameters of facilities.
The parks SCADA solution is based on hardware support centralized remote communication through a physical network TCP / IP protocol. The system is prepared for outages in communication with remote devices and retrieve all the data “lost” in the next moment of connection. Given data availability is above 97% so that both the operation and the reliability of the calculations provided by the MES module is maximum.
The MES module is fully adapted to the formulas required in the EPC and O&M contracts. Also having the ability to recalculation in case of be necessary and they can be modified at any time.
It becomes the most complete adaptation to the platform i-less, with over 70 MWp monitored in real time.