i-less Hosting

i-less Hosting product has been developed by i-less® for keep accessible and safe your data. The hosting is oriented for installations that has our i-less Scada software.

With our hosting, you don’t depend on the client PC at the plant. The data is saved in the hosting when the client PC performance and network allows do it. With this solution you can avoid some typical problems. The hosting disponibility is higher than the plant’s PC and the data is under backup continuosly, so we can avoid the lose data possibility.

The i-less hosting product, also gives to the user the management of the plant. From the hosting you can do reports, recalculations, apply filters on the data, …

The i-less hosting allow you to control all your plants from one site. You can manage which users has permissions to see each plant, so you can give access to each client for separate.


Apply filters for do recalculations of data.


Make and print reports easily with our reporting tool.

Keep safe your data

Send your data to the cloud, for best availability and the best security.

Optimized upload data

The data will send to our hosting with the best performance.